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Wasssupppp Idk how you got here but welcome!! This is my personal site, I need one for class and they had us using wix. Guess what. I fucking. hate. wix. I hate wix so much. I hate it so so so much. The occasional irritation I feel from learning HTML is nowhere near the anger I feel from how laggy and uncustomizable and static wix is. Also, I don't like the internet being so corporate. My preferred social media is tumblr, and that probably says enough. Keep in mind: This site is a work in progress! But I wanna publish it how it is rn anyway bc I’m proud of what I have done so far. And I need something usable to I can work on my subpages anyway. I tried very very hard to code my shit from scratch, but I am so inexpericaned and also on a time limit that I gave up and am using a set from Websets by Lynn as a base. Thank you Lynn for having your resources and making them free. Literally a life saver for a beginner like me. <3

So what's here?

Shh nothing hold on

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